"CSA" Stands for
Community Supported Agriculture
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Fermented foods & beverages

But what does that mean?


Community-Supported Agriculture is a direct partnership between farmers and their community.

A familiar CSA model is the farm-share subscription. ​"Subscribers" buy a share of the harvest up front, before the growing season begins, and then receive a weekly bounty of fresh foods all season long. Generally, one farm grows all of the food subscribers find in their box, although multi-farm subscriptions do exist (Loyal to Local has offered them in the past!).

Many Loyal to Local members offer farm-share subscriptions to help support their operations and provide the community with fresh, local food.


Why the CSA model is important:


  • Community Supported Agriculture ensures our community always has access to FRESH, HIGH QUALITY produce!

  • The CSA model creates a mutually-beneficial relationship between the farmers & producers and the local community through a direct connection from the people who utilize the food to the people & resources that produce it.

  • The funds received ahead of the season allow farms to operate in the months that no income is generated through sales and enables farms to buy seeds and equipment. Maintaining a small organic farm in the Bitterroot Valley can be challenging, so the CSA model allows the business of growing food to be much more sustainable. The farm supports the subscribers and, in turn, the subscribers support the farm.

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