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Go with your Gut!

Weekly Share of Fermented Foods and Beverages

Description:  House of Ferments is proud to offer CSA members value-added MT grown produce through weekly selections of fermented vegetables and kombucha.  Experience the benefits of fermented foods when you incorporate them into your daily diet. Fermentation is generally defined as the transformative action of microorganisms.  Benefits of fermented foods include pre-digestion which increases nutrient bioavailability, increases nutrient content or removes toxins; the presence of lactic acid bacteria in fermented foods support digestive health and immune function; and fermented foods have a wide array of flavors which add a unique addition to any meal.  


Kombucha is sweet tea fermented by a community of organisms. Yeast and bacteria work together to ferment the sweet tea into a tangy, effervescent tonic beverage.  House of Ferments uses organic tea from Lake Missoula Tea Company as the base for all our kombuchas. We use organic sugar and local &/or organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs for our flavor infusions.


Choose between the “Ferment Lovers” Share or the “Ferment Likers” Share.  Ferment Lovers Share includes 1 pint of fermented vegetables such as various styles of sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, or seasonal creations and one 16 oz kombucha fill for 20 weeks.   


Half shares are available for the Ferment Lovers option.  Half Share CSA members receive products every other week.


In an effort to reduce waste, House of Ferments asks that CSA members return their containers each week.  


Ferment Lovers Share

Pickup Location
    • 1 pint fermented foods
    • 1 pint kombucha
    • Weekly share for 20 weeks, May 21st through October 1st, 2019
    • Contents will vary from week to week
    • Includes a weekly newsletter